Lula Cucchiara


Lula Cucchiara is the phenomenal talent behind Me’s launch imagery and short films.

Originally hailing from Córdoba, Argentina, but now residing in Auckland, Lula has spun her visual magic for many names within the fashion industry, such as Paris Georgia, Aje, Cool Pretty Cool, Miss Crabb, iD magazine and Gucci (to name just a few). And now, for Me.

For the launch of Me., Lula filmed an installation alongside artist Holly Schroder, which involved the live painting of a billboard in central Auckland. The message on it was clear; Don’t hide Me.

Lula’s ability to completely understand a brand means Me. was brought to life in the best possible way, and together we are able to celebrate all the womxn who have been a part of Me. to date.

Lula is able to be contacted via the below:



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